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The Disengager

The Disengager is able to set firm boundaries in order to protect themselves from feeling overwhelmed or experience a negative emotion. They also can remove themselves either emotionally or physically to escape or deal with the experience whatsoever.

The Fixer

The Fixer is organized, driven, and strong. They are able to quickly understand a problem and set a plan to fix it no matter the roadblocks. However, they can also become frustrated when the object of your motivation is unwilling to change.

The Feeler

The Feeler is empathetic, intuitive, and passionate. They can see through the confusion of a problem and see its true meaning. They can also take on other’s feelings as their own, thus causing them to lose their own identity and separation from the individual.

The Rescuer

The Rescuer can see the potential in someone and gives them the resources they need to meet that potential. They enjoy being the motivator within a group or relationship. They can also push people to be or do something that they may not want to in order to meet their own needs.

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