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Social Media Advice

I believe that mastering social media is easier than you think. Sometimes all you need is a little help :-) Ask me any social media related question; becoming an influencer, increasing your following, increasing interactions, etc. Ask me anything social media related and I will respond with a personalized video sharing my advice, tips, and ideas to help you out.


What Does Your Dream Mean?

One of the clearest windows we have into the unconscious mind is through dreaming. By learning the language of the unconscious, we gain the power to unlock our dreams, interpret our thoughts & gain clarity into our future. So if you are wondering what your dream means, all you need to do is share the details of your dream with me (no detail is small enough). I will provide a 3 – 5 minute personal video response within 7 days about your questions regarding specific dream symbols and what they can mean.

Mini Coaching

I believe in helping others find their own path and assisting them with rediscovering it when lost. So why not reach out for some help? Share with me about yourself and what’s been troubling you lately. I will respond with a personalized video, sharing my advice, tips & ideas to help you find your way back to your path.

Read What People Are Saying

Jesse has helped me understand my dreams and make sense of them – they’re no longer terrifying!

Eliza Watkins


I have felt more rested and less anxious after learning the meaning of my dreams. I conquered my dreams and no longer live in fear of the next one.

Simon Jonesy

Graffiti Artist

Jesse is such an awesome person! He is funny and very educational. I was always curious about my wacky dreams, and his course taught me the tools I needed to interpret them myself!

Roberta Frinci

Lead Developer


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